Not just a hobby, it's a way of Life

So I mentioned that I had started teaching online.  I also mentioned that while it seemed crazy at the time, it would be less so once things settled down.  I’ve reached the point where it’s not crazy.  In fact, I think it might be as far from crazy as I’ve been in a while.

I’ve realized something – I could do this from home.  As in, make it my primary job.  The sad truth is, teaching one course with the full number of students I’m allowed while working full-time at the college would just about equal the money I make now.  If I wasn’t working at the college and did this as my only profession, I can have double the number of students, which means double the money I currently make.

Right now, my only uncertainty is the health insurance angle.  I don’t know if there have been sufficient changes made to allow me to get health insurance on my own.  I know if I can, it will be expensive as all get out.  I’m one of the lucky few people who are designated ‘uninsurable’, except through group policies.  I have no idea why that makes one whit of difference.  If things stay as they are now, I could be in good shape come 2014. (well, other than the world ending in 2012)  However, there are plenty of people with the intention to end that, which puts me right back into trouble.  HIPAA might provide enough protection for me, unless someone gets the bright idea to get rid of that, too.  Don’t get a genetic condition if you can help it.  It creates all kinds of problems.

Health insurance notwithstanding, this is a really tempting opportunity.  I just see my current position getting worse and worse.  I know there will be challenges to teaching online, but believe me, it’s a contained insanity, as opposed to the current job where insanity knows no bounds.

P.S. This post was brought to you courtesy of the post-scheduler.  I can get on a roll, churn out several in one go, and have them magically dispersed.  Lovely.

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