Not just a hobby, it's a way of Life

Guild spinning day

Yes, as promised, I’m back to report on our guild’s spinning day.  Three posts in a row may cause this blog to explode, so view at your own risk.

BLAM! (just kidding)

There were less in attendance than in previous years.  Kind of sad, and hopefully not a trend.  Only two of us brought spinning wheels, and I barely spun on mine, maybe half an hour.  But I did get to see friends that I normally do not see, and that was very wonderful.

There may not have been much spinning, but there was dyeing!

dyed sock blanks

dyed yarns and fibers

You need a closer look at this one, it’s just radiant.

Judy's beautiful fiber

Now this was very cool to me – this is a project made from my hand-dyed fiber! It is so neat to see what you have made taken forward with others adding their artistic ability to it. And, it’s very gratifying to see something you made used and loved. Yay!

scarf made from my hand-dyed fiber - for blog

Sadly, I was not alert enough to get pictures of the gorgeous hand towels Kate wove.  Oh. My. Word.  They were beautiful!  I’m not planning on getting into weaving (“Yeah, right” you say?  Nope, because I don’t get to spin/knit/dye as much as I would like now, so I’m safe for the meantime), but I am in serious awe of the amazing work that comes off of the loom.

That was pretty much my day in review.  On the drive home, I became very, very sleepy, and the rest of the day was spent in the recliner.

You know, this blogging every day just might become a habit.  Or not.  You never can tell.

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