Not just a hobby, it's a way of Life

But look at it this way, you get to see what the kit below looks like as socks.

Groovy Socks in Strawberry Chocolate Ganache

This pattern has the interesting quality of being rather cool on the wrong side, too.

right side out on left, inside out on right

Scarf knitters, take note – this could have potential.  Here’s the pattern for the socks – Groovy Socks.

Hmm, what else.  I bought a bunch of yarn.

Numma Numma The Special in Ned's Ruby Trout

The coveted Bugga in Oak Timberworm and Autumn Tiger Beetle

Mushishi in Purple Olive

And fiber.

Frabjous Fibers BFL in Purple People Eater

Mountain Colors Targhee in Lupine

(Seriously, I need the sun to shine again, or I need a lightbox.)

Natchwoolie's milk, silk, and bamboo in Blue Hawaii

Natchwoolie Aurora Borealis batt - merino lamb, silk, milk, and bamboo, with a little shimmer

I’ve also spun some fiber.

Juliespins Targhee in Stormy

That was an attempt to spin a big squishy yarn.  Eh.  Once you become accustomed to spinning fine, trying to go back to think makes you feel like a beginner again.

All Spun Up's Nov-Dec spin-a-long Falkand fiber

And the yarn above is so unbelievably beautiful, I had to start a project immediately.

Everyday Tweed out of ASU falkland handspun

Of course, if there were real light, the sweater would appear even more beautiful.

I still don’t think I’m out of my winter funk, but I’m making progress.  I don’t think I’ve ever been hit by SAD before, and while that could be a factor, it’s just one of many.  A lot of things just went enough wrong for nothing to seem right.  But I’m working on it.

The Olympics were a nice diversion, almost too much so.  Sleep deprivation does not help a person already at the end of her frayed rope.  But man, the snowboarding was awesome!

At work, we are now settled into our new building.  Well, renovated old building, but they did it up right.  No more trips (literally) up and down the breakneck flight and a half of narrow stairs.  I would go up and down at least four to five times in an average day, sometimes more.  We were upstairs, the restroom (and all running water), mail, accounting, and the exit were all downstairs.  Our building now is all on one floor, and has brand new everything, as it used to be a maintenance garage.

We went from this:

Old office

To this:

New office

Yes, it’s orange.  This was before we moved all of our stuff in.  Here’s my cube:

My desk

I only wish it was still this clean.

Okay, that’s all I can think of from my little corner.  See you in April!

But if you happen to see the sun, please send it my way.  If for no other reason, it makes for better photos.

Comments on: "Okay, so another month went by" (1)

  1. Love the new digs. I love orange!!! And the yarns look so lovely. Miss you!

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