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Fair warning

If you’re already in a bad mood, this post won’t help.  Just skip to the last paragraph.

Jenny from the Blog and I are blaming the weather on this funk.  It feels bigger than that, though – it feels planetary.  Both of us just feel meh. It better not be 2006 cleverly disguised as 2010.  I can’t do that year again.

The degree – it’s not done.  Saying anymore about that is pointless, because that’s all I know.  What I turned in – well, I’ve never heard a word about it, other than I have an incomplete in the class and must ‘finish culminating project’.  I don’t know if any part of it was good or not.  There’s just no feedback.  I’m not really in a good frame of mind right now, so I don’t really care to push at the moment.

In this economy, I know that I am very lucky to have a job.  The flip side of that is the very thing that allows us to keep working – tremendous growth – is the very thing that is slowly draining the life out of us.  Since winter break, we haven’t been taking breaks like we should, working straight through just to ‘get done’, but we don’t get done, then we’re all just burnt out and mentally exhausted.  We depend on other departments just as overwhelmed as we are to do part of our job, and everything feels like it’s a snargled-up mess that’s not moving.  And I’m not entirely sure when it became perfectly acceptable to verbally abuse people to get your way, but it needs to stop.  I need out of a customer-service oriented position, but of course there’s none to be had.

Knitting?  Pbthp.  Right now, I’m working on some sleeves of a cardigan.  Woo.  There are some socks I’m not liking the combo of yarn and pattern, but individually,  they are beautiful.  I kind of suspected it wasn’t going to mesh, but I had to try anyway.  I’m giving it a whole repeat of pattern (24 rows) to change my mind, then I’m cutting my losses and frogging.

And because I don’t believe in total negativity, here’s two wonderful things – Ocean Spray Cran-Tangerine and Schwan’s Sweet Cream Cheese Pretzel Poppers.  As Jenny said, it was the highlight of the week.

See, isn’t it better when I don’t blog?

Comments on: "Fair warning" (2)

  1. It can’t be another 2006. We won’t let it.

    I hope things let up for you soon.

  2. I don’t have any words that I think will help so just know that you are loved and I miss seeing you. Don’t forget to breathe along the way.

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