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One step closer

I’m in a couple of higher ed groups in Ravelry (one for online learners, one for grad students), and people have been posting how stressed they are about passing exams/papers, only to post a few days later that they sailed through with flying colors.

“Oh, but they don’t know stress,” I think to myself.  They have to be more experienced in this ball game than I am, and they are just being silly.  They knew they had nothing to worry about, not really.

My letter came today.  I passed my comps.  The two four-hour exams that nearly gave me an ulcer, the ones that everyone told me not to worry about, that I would be fine.

But I knew some people didn’t pass them.  These are not shoe-ins.  They tell you to spend 50-100 hours studying for them.  They tell you if you are not prepared to write for four hours on one topic, consider yourself unprepared.

And I did it.  I passed them.

I just might live through this.

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  1. Every portfolio/finals week I feel the same way. The stress is unbelievable. I feel like I might be getting through by the skin of my teeth, or maybe not at all. I get my grades a week later. I open them a week after that (I’m still sleeping and too depressed to see a fail) and they are fine to great.

    And that’s undergrad. I’m not willing to put my body through grad school. My nerves can’t take it.

    Good luck. You’ll do fine.

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