Not just a hobby, it's a way of Life

Not done yet

But maybe by the end of this week.  Master’s degrees are hard.

However, I thought you all might appreciate some pictures while I’m trying not to go crazy.

This was spun from fiber purchased from All Spun Up.

ASU Merino

600 yards of Merino goodness

And of course, here’s a closeup.

3-ply loveliness

3-ply loveliness

This was actually finished up during our recent visit to Ragged and Cynical’s abode.  Ragged and I attended a local spinning get-together.  It’s quite possible Ragged will be joining the spinning ranks soon.

And once I get all my work done on my degree, this is the reward I get to start spinning.

ASU falkland

ASU falkland - actually much deeper and darker in real life

You would think that would be enough motivation, now wouldn’t you?

I don’t want to be a grad student anymore.  :P


Comments on: "Not done yet" (1)

  1. But just think of the pride and happiness when it is all done. And years from now you will be thinking, “how did I do it all”. And I still have enough brain space left for spinning and knitting.
    PS, I’ll take the roving if it is all too much for you.


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