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Weekend at lightspeed

Okay, so it’s four days into Socktoberfest.  Even though I haven’t been posting here, rest assured I have been sock-knitting.  (When am I not sock-knitting?)

Leaves of Thyme socks

Leaves of Thyme socks

These are Midsummer Night’s Dream using Knitting Notions’ Classic Merino Superwash Sock Yarn in Thyme.  Yes, I am finally using the Sock Yarn Unclub pick from April.  Since Socktoberfest has no rules, I decided a good goal would be to use the yarns Ragged and I have acquired in our un-club.  Speaking of the Un-club, this month is Ragged’s pick.

And speaking of Ragged, we spent our weekend as guests of Ragged and Cynical, with Jenny from the Blog along for the ride.  As detailed on Ramblin’s blog, it got off to a bumpy (clattery-bangy) start.  But once we arrived, it was wonderful times that just never last long enough.  And Mud Pie Mojo from Cold Stone Creamery is amazing.

The socks above are actually quite a bit further along, thanks to some opportune porch-knittin’.  But I have to save some stuff for the rest of Socktoberfest.

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