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Since last we met

Well, let’s see – what’s happened?

We went to the Dairy Dee. (We went again since this picture, but I decided not to record that one for posterity.)

Spoils from the Dairy Dee

Spoils from the Dairy Dee

I got some mystery fiber for a spin-a-long that was not quite my colors.  (And now that it’s already traded, I realize I should have spun it up and tempted Chris with it.  Shoot.  Avert your eyes, Chris, this is going to be painful for you.)

August spin-a-long fiber from All Spun Up (ASU)

August spin-a-long merino/silk/bamboo fiber from All Spun Up (ASU)

And the same time I joined the mystery spin-a-long, I bought some fiber that was my colors.

ASU merino/silk fiber

ASU merino/silk fiber

And then, just so I didn’t miss out on the ASU merino/silk/bamboo experience, I bought some of that in my colors.

Yup, thats more like it

Yup, that's more like it

Hmmm, I might have a fiber addiction.

We also gave Copper a bath.

You better sleep with one eye open!!!

"You better sleep with one eye open!!!"

And . . . . .

Last little bit

Last little bit

Last bobbin

Last bobbin

The Parrots roving is done!!!!!!  (You know, that probably deserved it’s own post.)

 plentiful piles of parroty polychromasia

plentiful piles of parroty polychromasia

Yes, I went to the thesaurus on that last one.

Now that it’s done, I’m back in love with it again.  It is a truly beautiful monstrous bunch of yarn.

And it looks like the wheel is empty just in time . . . .

Comments on: "Since last we met" (3)

  1. How could you!!! That is gorgeous fiber. Oh so lovely and green. It reminds me of a necklace I have. I am sure it would make a gorgeous something for me. Who got it? Maybe i should go stalk their blog.

  2. Oh Yeah, Those two different colorways just scream Chris and Kristy to me. I don’t think I am that predictable although I do love my royal blues. The Parrot does seem to be calling my name though. If you find it needs a good home I will take it in for you.

  3. I’ve loved watching the parrot fiber spin up. That is some stick-to-it-ness that my spinning is lacking right now.

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