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Long overdue post

Yes, we’re back from Asheville/DC.  No, I didn’t have the time/energy to blog it like I thought I would.  I’m not sure I have the energy now, but I can try.

(I realize half my readership was on the vacation with me, but humor me.)

Day 1 – after a night of thunderstorms, we departed KY bright and early.  Or perhaps not so bright thanks to the storms.  Our journey to Asheville included stops at a yarn store (you did know this was going to involve yarn, right?), a huge used book store, and an outlet store complex.  We rolled in to the Inn, freshened up a bit, then rolled out to meet up with Ragged’s brother for a lovely evening meal.

The Inn at Cumberland Falls

The Inn at Cumberland Falls

Day 2 – After a yummy breakfast, we explored downtown Asheville.  We visited Earth Guild and Purl’s Yarn Emporium, and ate lunch at the Early Girl Eatery, a wonderful restaurant that features locally grown and produced ingredients.  Clouds started to form, and this was troublesome, because our next destination was the Lake Eden Arts Festival.  Fortunately, we were not long delayed in the car, and the rain slacked off.

Lake Eden Arts Festival

Lake Eden Arts Festival

The festival was amazing.  So many creative artisans displaying and selling their wares.  Everywhere you looked there were performances, either in the venues or on the grounds (look out for the kids with the diablos – they will knock you out!  And Brando, you owe me big time for not buying either of your children one.)  I do have to say, it was a bit squishy, which would lead to Ragged and I doing some restoration work later on our new sneaks.

LEAF vendor

LEAF vendor

And lest you think they had the usual fair food – I had a crepe for supper.  Ragged and I ordered two different ones, halved them and swapped, so we could try them both.  We also sampled The Ultimate Ice Cream.  When they tell you so, it better be good, and this was.

The evening ended with us catching a few more performances, namely contra dancing and poetry slam.  Contra dancing grows on you, and you’ll find yourself being drawn in.

Contra dancing at LEAF

Contra dancing at LEAF

After a soak in the jacuzzi tub, it was off to dreamland.

Day 3 – We were able to be a bit  more leisurely, breakfasting in the sun room, enjoying sweet and spicy bacon (Yum!) and other stuff I can’t remember now.  The bacon was distracting, because I had read about it before we went, and hoped we would get the opportunity to try it.

Ragged and I launched our knit-a-long project for the trip (that was when we started it, right?), and then left to meet up with Ragged’s brother again for a Mothers’ Day brunch at a nearby Inn.  The Inn had beautiful grounds to explore, and the wildlife included an albino peacock, some goats, chickens, and a turkey with territorial issues.

After visiting a couple of antique/furniture/eclectic stores, we stopped off at one of Asheville’s fabulous grocery stores.  Yes, when you’re from the sticks, a grocery store can be fabulous.  Ragged and Cynical were meeting up with Ragged’s youngest brother and his family, so Ramblin and I opted give the family some togetherness without outsiders, and assembled the freshest salads from the salad bar.

Day 4 – Another early morning departure, sent on our way with pears and muffins from our hosts.

To be continued . . . .

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  1. Sounds lovely so far. I am bookmarking that bacon recipe! Just happen to have 2 lbs of thick bacon in the fridge. Hmmm, I know what’s for breakfast tomorrow.

  2. After seeing the pics of the diablos I am GLAD that they are not at our house. You are a great Aunt!!

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