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Two days

We depart for our traveling companions’ abode Thursday.  Two more days of work.  Two more evenings, hopefully during which we’ll find some time to pack.

Long-time fans of the blog will remember the day-by-day account of our trip last year (Chris, remember the cookies?).  Not to worry, when I pulled the plug on the old blog, I have all the stuff saved, so it may appear again one day.  But for the new kids, each of us blogged as the trip unfolded.  I hope to do that again this year.  But here’s a preview of some of the things we’ll be doing:


  • meeting Ragged’s family
  • staying at a luxurious B&B
  • dining at a Mediterranean restaurant
  • attending LEAF (so very cool)
  • going to a fantastic brunch

Washington DC:

  • Staying at a luxurious B&B
  • using a trolley tour to see the major sites of DC, that will also allow us to explore at our own pace
  • still hoping for a White House tour

And, at some point in the trip, I’m pretty sure a viewing of Star Trek will be in order.

There’s so much stuff to pack in, I don’t know if a week will hold it all.

Stay tuned for bloggy updates.

Comments on: "Two days" (2)

  1. Enjoy your trip. Just don’t include scrumptious goodies that will make me salivated at the sight! I don’t need any extra pounds, I have enough already, thank you very much!

    May need to consult on dyeing a lace knit item. My Lace Fichu for myself is a blue/white marl lace weight and I am so not a light blue person. Thinking maybe a burgundy red.

  2. Have fun Washington is a great museum place. Try the textile museum, I haven’t made it there but it sounds like a good place. Wear comfortable shoes. Lots of walking to see everything.

    Don’t forget a sock to knit as you sit on the trains.

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