Not just a hobby, it's a way of Life

And believe me, we’re counting every one of them.  Every slow, agonizing one of them.

Thursday evening, Ramblin and I will head out of town to Ragged and Cynical’s, where we will not sleep a wink from the excitement, then head out early Friday morning for Asheville, NC.  We have so much wonderful stuff planned, I don’t know how it’s all going to fit in.  But everything about the trip has just fallen into place so neatly, I have all the faith in the world that it will just be fantastic.  Even if we hit snags, I know our group can handle it with grace and we’ll laugh about it later.  We’re resilient that way.

Ragged and I have been plotting a knit-a-long (We plot a lot, don’t we?  Look for us to take over the world soon.) for the trip, and I believe we may have settled on our project of choice, the Hemlock Ring Blanket.  That’s not to say each of us won’t be toting at least a sock project, and possibly something else.  It’s important to be prepared.

In the meantime, tomorrow I will be celebrating my mom’s birthday and Mother’s Day, since we’ll be gone for Mom’s Day.  Her birthday is later this week, so it just makes sense to roll it all together.  We also need to grab some last minute stuff, and maybe a few new duds.

Btw, I hate clothes shopping.  Earlier this week, I attempted to find capris.  Now, here’s the trick – apparently this season, ‘fits below the waist’ is all the rage in capris.  I’m tall.  What ‘fits below the waist’ on the average woman is nearly indecent on me.  It was bad.  And if I tried a pair that were big enough to reach higher, they were too big all over and would have been in danger of falling down.  And they don’t make capris in tall sizes.  I found one style on the JCP website, and it was only in red, green, white, and black.   Sigh.  So, I ended up at Wal-Mart, buying the el cheapo but serviceable generic pull-on capris.  At least I won’t be getting arrested for indecent exposure on the trip.  That’s a sure way to ruin a vacation.

But we would have laughed about it later.

Comments on: "T-minus six days and counting" (3)

  1. Plotting is too much fun to avoid.

    (And I often find that serviceable, generic pull-on capris are all a girl ever needs.)

  2. knitting, worth lots of money, kntting on a trip, worth even more. Knitting on a trip with a friend that knits PRICELESS.

    have a great time. Tell your mom hi and happy birthday.


  3. I hear ya! What’s up with that. Can’t they spare a few more inches of fabric for those who wish to remain modest?

    Have a great time! Tell you Mom Happy Birthday from me!

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