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Greencastle was cold, once again.  Greencastle was also awesome, once again.

There were critters.

There were goodies.

The Unforgettable Yummy Nuts

The Unforgettable Yummy Nuts

Strawberry pie from Almost Home

Strawberry pie from Almost Home

(It should be noted that while the above pie is from Almost Home, sadly we forgot they require reservations, and only got dessert to go.)

And then there was yarn.

Briar Rose Fibers Wistful yarn

Briar Rose Fibers Wistful yarn

Knitting Notions Sock Yarn in Dark Rose, Thyme, and Dusk

Knitting Notions Sock Yarn in Dark Rose, Thyme, and Dusk

What’s important to note about this is that Knitting Notions is the inaugural selection in Ragged and Needlefingers Sock Yarn Un-Club.  The club came about from the two of us really wanting to be in a sock club to try new yarns, but not willing to commit to the possibility of yarn we might not be thrilled with.  How does the club work?  About every other month (or whenever we feel like it), we’ll take turns picking different yarn dyers we want to try, and each of us will purchase the color of our choice.  That’s it.  Want to join our Un-Club?  Just go buy stuff from Catherine.  We don’t get any kind of benefit from it, we’re just looking for neat new yarns to try.  (Interesting coincidence – when I told her my zip code, she commented that I was from southern Illinois.  Her husband is from a town 15 miles from where I grew up.  Small world!)

The middle skein is actually part of another of our schemes, a not-so-secret pal swap.  And since I picked out the yarn (which Ragged confirmed she would have totally picked for me), the yarn was not-so-secret either.

And finally, there was fiber.

Exquisitely Angora merino-angora

Exquisitely Angora merino-angora

Exquisitely Angora silk brick

Exquisitely Angora silk brick

The above fibers are from the woman I credit for inspiring me to spin.  I met Rosalie at an art and craft fair, and she had the most beautiful handspun fibers.  I bought two bags of fiber that day, even though it would be two years before I found a group to learn from.  It had been years since I had been to her studio, so it was wonderful to see her again.

And finally, an arrival on Saturday was icing on the cake for my fiber acquisition. (okay, so maybe it’s big enough to be the whole cake on its own)

fibers from Rivers Edge Weaving Studio

fibers from River's Edge Weaving Studio

From left to right are two braids of merino-seacell, three braids of merino-silk, and a braid of BFL.  Loverly.  I want to spin it all.  Now.

And last, but certainly not least, my traveling companions – Jenny from the Blog and Ragged, thanks for making the trip so much fun.  With good company, the wind wasn’t quite so cold (okay, it was still really cold, but we persevered), the road wasn’t quite so long, and the Wisdom of Ellen was ever so apparent.

Comments on: "Greencastle 2009 – get ready for pictures" (2)

  1. I have just got to get the weekend off for greencastle. It’s close enough for me to go for the day. I would love to have gone and met with all of you. I enjoy seeing the pictures though.
    Maybe next year.

  2. raggedaroundtheedges said:

    You know, we are pretty stealth at cooking up yarn purchasing exchanges and schemes, aren’t we?

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