Not just a hobby, it's a way of Life

Vampirin’ and visits.

Sweater that was driving me nuts – done!

Socks that were lovely, but far too fiddlely of a pattern – done!

Overcoming my hermitous tendencies – well, good progress was made.

Yes, despite the snorting and hacking, it was a rather full weekend.  Saturday, Ramblin and I tore ourselves away from Vampirin’ (Facebook is the root of all evil, in case you were curious) to stimulate the economy with our once-in-a-blue-moon grocery stock up.  Then, amidst the resumed Vampirin’, Farmwife called to report she and her friends were about 1 1/2 hours away from the local coffee house, and did I want to meet up with them?  So, off I went, meeting Art and Did, finally getting to put faces to names.  During our visit, I decided that should I ever decide to write a detective novel, it shall be named “Night of the Mango”.  I was very glad to share such good company.

Then, I toodled on over to Jenny from the Blog’s house, to meet her new kitty, Buffy aka Roxie Gladys SassyCat Bombdiggity (that’s my bizarre contribution to the naming process).  We had a great visit, and learned about the impending weather, that ended up being right on target.  Finally, after my big night out, I headed home.

This morning, we slept in, only to find out we really slept in, as we had not turned the clocks up last night.  We headed to my mom’s, where we had delectable roast and potatoes, steamed and buttered carrots and cabbage, and green beans.  Yum.   Yum.  Yum.  It was during our visit that the weather took a turn for the worse.  Wind, rain, and a very close lightning strike made for an exciting time.

We headed home after the skies cleared, to another visit (wow, that really was a whole lot of visiting, wasn’t it?) with Rudy, Brando and the kiddlins.  Their friends were visiting as well, looking over the livestock.  We stayed for a while, then had to head home since Rudy spun a fortunate Glyph for vampirin’ (see the pattern developing?).

And that’s where we’ve been since.  This week is Spring Break, which means no kiddlins on campus and we get to wear blue jeans.  Hoo.  Ray.

Have a good week everybody!

Comments on: "Vampirin’ and visits." (2)

  1. I shall begin the tale of the curious incident of ….duh duh duh…. the night of the mango.

    You should get on that post hast.

  2. I wanna wear jeans. No fair.

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