Oh yes, it’s March, isn’t it?

Oops, hi Chris!  Her comment reminded me I haven’t posted in a while.

Things have been okay here, just non-exciting.  Which is good for life in general, but not for blog fodder.

Still liking the html course.  I could go on and on about how cool it is to know #330066 is a lovely shade of purple, or that I can now code external CSS for webpages.  But mostly, that would probably make you go, “huh?”

The knitting?  Well, I did get a baby blanket knitted for Ramblin’s cousin.  She’ll be having an Aries child.  Poor girl. (says the former Aries child)

I started a February Lady Sweater, in a yarn that was kind of eh, just because I wanted to see if the sweater would be flattering or not.  Theoretically, if I liked it, I could make another in something nicer.  But who can say if I’ll want to do another.

I’m still working on the Loopy Loves Ewe socks.  Charted knitting isn’t getting a lot of play right now.

This week could be a good mail week, as I will be getting the mystery spin-along fiber from Allspunup.  Remember this fiber?  I’m expecting amazing things.

Also, I believe I should shortly receive the final installment of the undyed fiber club.  Then you know the only thing left to do?  Dye it.  I have a Friday off soon, and if the weather straightens up, I know exactly what I’ll be doing.

I think that’s all the news that’s fit to print.


One Response to “Oh yes, it’s March, isn’t it?”

  1. Whew, glad to know you didn’t run off to join the circus or decided to go silent forever. Take care.

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