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Helloooooooo Color!!!!

Warning: extreme in-your-face yarn pictures

Well, I said I wanted color, didn’t I?

JulieSpins yarns

JulieSpins yarns

Dark Pomegranate luxury sock yarn

Dark Pomegranate luxury sock yarn

Grapelicious merino sock yarn - cause you know I didnt have any purple sock yarn

Grapelicious merino sock yarn - 'cause you know I didn't have any purple sock yarn

That alone would be reason enough to rejoice.  But that’s not all I got in the mail today.  Or, more accurately, it was, but that wasn’t all the yarn that came in the mail today.  My wonderful sweetheart got me a Valentine’s present, and even let me open it early.

Loopy Loves You kit

Loopy Loves You kit

This little number came up for sale at The Loopy Ewe, and I must confess, I loved it.  I love Valentine’s Day.  Even when everyone else without a boyfriend was bah-humbugging and wearing black, I still loved the Day of Hearts.  But, I had already bought yarn the day before, and felt like that was enough damage for the week.  Our dear Ragged, who has been through the wringer with the ice storm was able to get one, to go along with the Malabrigo she so richly deserved.

But I resisted.  I was filling Ramblin in on the Sneak Up and mentioned the kit.  He asked if I was going to get one, and I said it was very cute, but no.  A few minutes later, he tells me I have one on the way, with a sock blocker to boot.  Keep in mind, I would have been perfectly fine without getting one, and that most dear man certainly knows his girl doesn’t ‘need’ any more yarn.  But I am completely delighted with this little collection of love-themed goodies.  Moreso than any candy, flowers, or jewelry could possibly inspire.

I mean, come on, look at this face.

Loopy zipper pull

Loopy zipper pull

And look at this color.

Tempted Gool Grrl Loopy Loves You sock yarn

Tempted Gool Grrl Loopy Loves You sock yarn

What’s not to love?  Loopy Loves You, and Needles Loves Ramblin.  If you don’t have someone worth gushing over, you picked the wrong horse, Chester.

This evening was spent enjoying the Asian Culture Night at the college where I work.  We got to sample authentic Asian cuisine (kimchee can be HOT) and watch students give musical and informational presentations, with a finale by Khac Chi.

This weekend promises to be warmer than it has been in a long time.  And since we have no pressing plans, I’m hoping we can enjoy it while it lasts.

I feel bad about leaving these poor much-maligned socks until the end, but they will hopefully be finished this weekend.  It’s not their fault they were light green in February.

Green Tea Socks

Green Tea Socks

Happy Weekend, everyone!


Color me blah

Snow – still here.  It was melting, right up until the point that it became god-awful cold.  But theoretically we are going to get above freezing on Friday.  Come on, Friday.

Also on Friday, we will be going to the Asian Culture Night at my work.  It will be the first Ramblin and I have attended.  Rudy, Brando, the kiddlins and their friends will also be in attendance as the seasoned veterans.  It should be an evening of good food, entertainment, and possibly some education thrown in. (you know how colleges are – pushin’ learnin’ all the time)

Knitting – the knitting.  Sigh.  Colorless.  Pretty, but colorless, just like snow.  I’m not even taking pictures of it.  But I do have some beautiful things on the way, courtesy of my mad Internet yarn-stalking skillz and my sweetie’s sneakiness.

The color cannot get here soon enough.

Super Sunday, and I hear there was a game, too.

Well, here we are watching the Super Bowl.  The best thing about it so far has been our food.  Normally, we root for the underdog, but this year, there’s not a clear underdog, so we’ve alternately rooted for each side.

I think this whole winter weather thing has me completely out of whack with my knitting.  I can’t settle on a project to focus on.  I knit a few rows of this, a couple more rows on that.  And I started another project yesterday.  And brought in yarn from the yarn room to start something else.

We’ve had word from family and friends from the south.  Conditions are improving, slowly but surely.  Cynical and Ragged have power restored; Ramblin’s family now has a generator, thanks to Rudy and Brando, and now have cell phone service.

I can’t even pick a topic to stay on for this post, so I guess I will sign off for now.