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So, I’ve been dawdling on getting my ‘other state’ taxes printed off and mailed in.  I’m getting a small refund, so it wasn’t anything to do with dread.  I had printed some of the documents for my tax records, and my ink cartridge was out.

I took it on a thumb drive to someplace that was absolutely not my work, and printed it.  That ink cartridge was running out.  Now, I went into someplace that was not the supply/break room and got another, but I just didn’t bother with printing another.  We got another for the printer at home as well, but I still hadn’t gotten around to printing it.

Yesterday, I get an email inviting me to check out this state’s e-file website.  Hmmm, it looks like I can set up an account, even though I’ve been steered wrong by them before.  Today I remembered to go to the site, set up an account and e-filed my taxes.  I think since I’m now in their ‘virtual filers’, this could mean next year I can file them all by Turbo Tax in one fell swoop.  Sweet!

See, if I would have printed them immediately, I would be waiting weeks for a check.  Procrastination works.

Comments on: "Who says procrastination doesn’t pay?" (2)

  1. After reading about several states putting a freeze on tax refunds because they can’t pay them right now, I was very glad that I e-filed early and did direct deposit. Not only did I receive my refund by 2/12, I’ve already spent it!! Gotta help the economy, right? :)

  2. Hello? Where are you. Things OK?

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