Not just a hobby, it's a way of Life

Socks on Sunday

Pale green socks?  Done.

Hedgerows in Sundara sock Mint Over Chamomile

Hedgerows in Sundara sock Mint Over Chamomile

Loopy Loves You socks?  Begun.

Loopy Loves You in Temptedd Good Grrl

Loopy Loves You in Temptedd Good Grrl

That’s a bit bright (but bright is good!), the yarn picture before is more accurate.  That’s one of the hazards of late afternoon photo-ing.

I don’t think I mentioned it before, but remember my joy of us finally being back to full staff at my work?  Yeah, well come this Thursday, we’ll be back to one person short.  A co-worker is getting married on Tuesday, working Wednesday, then Saturday she’s leaving for Texas.  Her fiance is in the military, and they were uncertain exactly what their timeline would be.  Now we know, and it’s quick.

We’re wishing her all the best, and bracing for the worst for us.  In this unstable economy, which was bad enough in higher ed in the state I work without everything else, we’re not guaranteed a replacement for her, even though we are a rapidly growing area.  Every time someone leaves, the formal process is to request the position remain and once approved, it can be advertised.  Up until now, that’s just been a formality.

Now however, with higher ed tossed in with k-12 for the money, belts are tighter.  And, we’re about to see a shift in funding from being based on enrollments to based on success rates.  Great, you say, that makes the college accountable.  Does it, or does it encourage grade inflation?  Johnny might be working at D level, but if he’s at C level, we get money; if not, no money.  It’s a wonderful idea in theory.  It just gets messy in practice.

I’m going to go knit heart socks, and not think about the state of education.

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