Not just a hobby, it's a way of Life

Color me blah

Snow – still here.  It was melting, right up until the point that it became god-awful cold.  But theoretically we are going to get above freezing on Friday.  Come on, Friday.

Also on Friday, we will be going to the Asian Culture Night at my work.  It will be the first Ramblin and I have attended.  Rudy, Brando, the kiddlins and their friends will also be in attendance as the seasoned veterans.  It should be an evening of good food, entertainment, and possibly some education thrown in. (you know how colleges are – pushin’ learnin’ all the time)

Knitting – the knitting.  Sigh.  Colorless.  Pretty, but colorless, just like snow.  I’m not even taking pictures of it.  But I do have some beautiful things on the way, courtesy of my mad Internet yarn-stalking skillz and my sweetie’s sneakiness.

The color cannot get here soon enough.

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