Not just a hobby, it's a way of Life

Well, here we are watching the Super Bowl.  The best thing about it so far has been our food.  Normally, we root for the underdog, but this year, there’s not a clear underdog, so we’ve alternately rooted for each side.

I think this whole winter weather thing has me completely out of whack with my knitting.  I can’t settle on a project to focus on.  I knit a few rows of this, a couple more rows on that.  And I started another project yesterday.  And brought in yarn from the yarn room to start something else.

We’ve had word from family and friends from the south.  Conditions are improving, slowly but surely.  Cynical and Ragged have power restored; Ramblin’s family now has a generator, thanks to Rudy and Brando, and now have cell phone service.

I can’t even pick a topic to stay on for this post, so I guess I will sign off for now.

Comments on: "Super Sunday, and I hear there was a game, too." (1)

  1. I’m having difficulty focusing on anything. I can’t even read. I’ll need a couple of days to get back in the groove.

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