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Cynical, you missed it

Yesterday when our company left, it was snowing, just a bit.  It continued to snow, just a bit.  So this morning when I woke up, there was just a bit.  But it’s a pretty bit.





Originally, on this glorious and treasured work holiday, I was supposed to be taking my mom to a dentist appointment in E’ville, but the flu bug has hit her household, so I will be staying in, drinking coffee, and – dare I hope – spinning.

Comments on: "Cynical, you missed it" (2)

  1. Lucky dog, I had to make the trip to e’ville with Bill. He is still off of his foot. 2 weeks post-op repair of Achilles Tendon. He stepped wrong on Christmas day. I get to play step and fetch it. The car, the stool, the food, the drink-You get it. And we have outside steps to get him down.
    Ah for the days of quiet at home.
    Loved the snow.

  2. We woke up to over an inch this morning. I think I’m satisfied in the snow department.

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