Not just a hobby, it's a way of Life

(From the movie Wanted, which actually had weaving as opposed to knitting, but the line was so great, I forgive them for getting the two confused.)

Our guests have just left and Ramblin says to me, “It’s too quiet.”

We never have enough time when our friends come to visit.  Jenny from the Blog joined us Friday evening, and it would have been great if there would have been some way for her to stay the weekend, too.

The weather kept us in, so most of the time was spent eating, Facebook farming and Ravelry, eating, pondering sock club subscriptions, eating, watching a movie, sleeping, drinking coffee, repeat.

I’ve now settled in to watching Knitting Daily TV.  I haven’t caught many, because we’re usually not home or forget about it.  I’ve caught it twice recently, the last episode was about felting; this one is about scarf knitting.  Crud.  Not exactly my favorite fibery things to hear about.

I thought I would spin this weekend.  I really did.  Now, I’m feeling more like taking a nap.  but before I lose consciousness, I’ll leave you with the knitting I’ve been up to.  First the Hedgerow Socks out of Sundara Mint Over Chamomile.

A two-row repeat makes for slow socks.

Next, I finished all four Panel Cs for the Sampler Afghan.

And I’ve begun the first of four Panel Ds.

And with that, I do believe it might be time for a nap.

Comments on: "Do you make sweaters, or do you kill people?" (1)

  1. raggedaroundtheedges said:

    Thanks so much for hosting us. We hated to leave! We are hoping to return the hosting favor soon.

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