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Okay, remember in the last post when I said I had no business buying more roving until I got the Parrots spun up?  You remember that, right?  You knew I had no earthly intention of keeping to that notion, right?  I was well aware of that, regardless of how good of an idea it seemed, but even I had no clue that I would buy more within mere hours of posting it.

But there you go.  I did.  There is a wonderful talented dyer Allspunup.   Several people have posted the beautiful yarn they’ve spun from her rovings on Ravelry.  And up until that evening, I was doing really well at resisting.  The good news is I only bought four ounces, so it’s not like I bought another kilo of something.

The bad news is that Juliespins dyes some gorgeous fiber and sock yarn, too.

Now, if I could tell you that I spent the weekend spinning, well that would mean I’ve made progress.  But I didn’t.  I’m going to blame the madness at work for my desire to be fused to the recliner.  Online courses are doing well in the recession, it seems.  It is absolutely wonderful that we still have so much interest and enroll so many students, but good heavens, there’s not a stray second for your mind to be unoccupied.

Speaking of online courses, I’ll be starting mine on Wednesday.  It’s not up on Blackboard yet, so I’m not sure what kind of schedule it will follow.  But I’m looking forward to it, which is such a nice change from the dread I used to feel.

I did spend some time going through my clothes to see if I really like all the stuff I have, or if some of it is just ‘there’ by default.  I was able to go through them all in about the space of half an hour, if that tells you anything about the amount I have, but it still feels like I have too many.  I have five pairs of jeans and six pairs of work pants, though one needs a bit of repair.  Two pairs of capris.  Lots of t-shirts, short sleeve and long sleeve.  Tons of sweaters (well – yeah!).  A few sweatshirts.  Dresses – maybe three, plus one black all-purpose Halloween dress.  Lounge pants – eh, four or five pairs, and they get lots of wear.  Shoes – two pair of tennis shoes, two pair of work/everyday shoes, two pair of sandals, and a pair of dress shoes.  Once I found the work/everyday shoes I like, I can get rid of the ones I’ve been tolerating.

This is part of the goal to get rid of ‘stuff” that’s there for no good reason.  I did find some things I had completely forgot about that I really do like, and I think that’s probably true for every area of a person’s surroundings.  While I didn’t make this a true new year’s resolution, I do have the intention to go through an area at a time, and make sure what I have is really what I want, and not something I’m just keeping because I’m too lazy to get rid of it.

The yarn stash has gone through a bit of this, but I still haven’t posted the things to destash on Ravelry.  Again, just because I’m lazy.  That, and the fact that it’s nothing exciting, so I’m not anticipating a lot of people wanting it.  I should just throw a bunch of stuff together for an attractive price, maybe uping the chance someone will take it off my hands.  The more I think about that just now, it makes a lot of sense.  Rats, I might need to take new pics.

Another project I’m actually working on involves not losing the Blog-city content.  Wonderful as WordPress is, they do not have an auto-rollover for my squirrelly blog provider.  So, I’ve been backing up the blog which gets sent to my email in an html file for a month’s worth of blog posts at a time, which I then copy and paste as one entry on Blogger for each month.  I will then have to worry about getting all the pictures lined out, as they will have to be uploaded to Flickr and then relinked.  Then I can roll the Blogger blog (which will be the Blog-city blog) to this blog.  Really, a girl should not have three blogs.  Thank goodness I have until March 25 to do all of this.

This coming weekend, barring any natural disasters of the wintry kind, will be spent in the company of Ragged and Cynical.  The forecast is cold, cold, cold, but the coffee will be warm, warm, warm.

Hope everybody (myself included) has smooth sailing this week.

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