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Fiber alzheimers

Picking up the gauntlet from Ragged:

Feltings from Greencastle

My fourth folder was Greencastle 2008, and this was one of the interesting booths there.  While looking through the pictures, I looked over my haul from last year.

Okay, look at the gorgeous dark purple/green in the middle, about four bundles of it.  I COMPLETELY FORGOT I BOUGHT IT.  And it’s amazing!!!  I swoon at its loveliness staring out of the photo at me.  (I also have no earthly idea where it is right this second, but that’s a common stash issue for me.)  And why did I forget it?  Because I cannot get my arse in gear and spin up the $%@&# Parrots roving.  Don’t get me wrong, I still love it, but good grief, that’s the only thing I’ve spun for a year and a half.  Granted, when you only spin about eight days in that year and a half, it takes a while.

I’ve been thinking about Greencastle a lot lately, and realize that I may need to ratchet up my New Year’s resolution to get the Parrots done.  Otherwise, I have no business buying any more roving.  I probably don’t have any business buying any more regardless, but we’re going to ignore that for right now.  I need a good deadline.  A doable deadline, but not something too far away like Greencastle (April 10 and 11 for the non-fiber folk) that won’t push me.

Oh well, if I don’t get it done, I guess I’ll just have to buy sock yarn instead.

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